Shelly Henderson

Well things have changed quite a bit since I first started putting photo's up on this site. I worked as a
Family Readiness Officer for one of the best units in the Marine Corps, MTACS-18 (out of MCAS Futenma on Okinawa Japan). I spent two amazing years with that unit and worked for two very different Commanding Officers. LtCol Troxel will always be a personal Friend to the Henderson family. I appreciate everything that he has done for me and for all of the mentoring that he gave to me while I was assigned to his unit. The other thing that I can thank Leonard Troxel for is my passion for photography and for giving me the time while doing my primary job to learn a secondary hobby that has taken me places that I have never thought that I would ever go to.

Let me explain why I started this endeavor in the first place. While spending 20 years in the Marine Corps I look back and I only have a hand full of photos of me doing my job. I have been all around the world and still not many photos to show for it. I have taken as many photos of the Marines I have worked with since that time and I love to share my photography with others. It is my gift to others at this point and a hobby for me to relieve stress and to find the beauty in the world. I hope that you will find the beauty in each photo that I have taken. Please keep in mind that I am still learning with each press of the shutter release.

Enjoy the photos and contact me if you have any requests.

Shelly Henderson
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